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Comfort apartment for short term lease The apartment is situated on the first floor of Apartment house Mansaura in Vandans, Montafon Valley, and its sleeping capacity is up to 9 persons. There are 4 bedrooms of which 2 have double beds and two a single bed. Besides, the living room has a wide foldable sofa appropriate for 1-2 persons and the dining room > a small sofa where a child can sleep. The apartment has a kitchen equipped with a glass ceramic oven, dishwasher, a microwave and all necessary crockery and implements to prepare meals. The dining room is separate from kitchen and the bathroom is separate from WC. There are both, the bath tub and a shower in the bathroom.

Guests have Access to WIFI internet and 2 TV sets.

The house is built on a slope, so on its Eastern side is a balcony overlooking the valley and the opposite mountain range while on the Western side there is a French window leading to a terrace overlooking the Rätikon Range. The living room and the western side bedroom have Access to the terrace while the two remaining bedrooms have doors to the balcony.

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