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Privacy policy

Who are we?

Nora Kinna, Steuernummer 164/2325, Adresse: Rätikonstraße 43, A6773, Vandans, Österreich

Your privacy and trust is important for us

Our aim is to inform you as clearly and understandably as possible about how and why we use your personal information.

Our objective is to make you feel safe when you disclose to us your personal data. Personal data is any information that can be used to identify the individual.

We perform appropriate actions to ensure that your personal data at our disposal always are safe and that the processing of your personal data takes place in accordance with the effective data protection laws and regulations and our internal procedures.

For us it is important that our actions are transparent when we process your personal data.

We undertake to protect your personal information and observe confidentiality in everything we do. This Policy allows you to get to know which data we can obtain about you, how we use them and provides information on your rights and how you can contact us.

What categories of personal data we collect and why?

1. Provision of hotel services at Apartment House Mansaura

We process your personal data in order to provide apartment house services to you, including overnight accommodation. If you do not submit to us the necessary personal data, you will not be able to receive our services. The duties of hotels stipulated in law are binding for us, including the duty to identify our client, namely, we are obligated to determine whether you are the person which you claim to be.

The personal data from the registration questionnaires of clients we store 3 years. Payment card data will be deleted from Hotel System 72h after guest check-out.

Categories of personal data Legal basis
Personal information (name, surname, personal identification code or date of birth, citizenship or nationality) Ensuring of the service
Contact information (address, phone number)
Payment information if you make a payment by bank transfer
Other information for provision of apartment house services
E-mail address Your consent
Data of the document certifying identity (passport or identity card) Our legal duty to identify clients

By using our services you confirm that the personal data indicated by you are accurate and correct and that you have reached the age of at least 18 years. We cannot guarantee provision of services, if you submit inaccurate date.

2. Cookies

Cookies are small text files which are created and stored in your device as the internet user (computer, tablet, mobile phone etc.) when you visit our website. The cookies “remember” your experience and basic information and thus improve the convenience of use of our website.

The use of cookies enable the processing of historical data of the website, diagnosing of problems and shortcomings in its operation, as well as they collect statistics of user habits and expedite full and convenient use of the functionality of the site.

If you do not want to permit the use of cookies, you can terminate it by changing the settings of your internet browser however in this case the use of our website may be disturbed and encumbered. The deletion of the saved cookies is possible in the section of settings of your internet browser of your device by deleting the history of the saved cookies.

Categories of personal data Legal basis
Preferences of website users, statistics of habits Your consent (configuration of the internet browser)

What are the sources we collect personal data from?

1. You

We summarise the data provided by you and submitted to us upon arrival or by visiting our website (cookies)

2. Cooperation partners

If you perform ordering of our service through our cooperation partners (for example,, HomeAway, Feratel), we will obtain data from those cooperation partners to ensure provision of our service to you.

Who do we share your personal data with?

1. Law enforcement bodies, governmental and municipal institutions

To comply with the duties stipulated in laws, we may transfer your personal data to law enforcement bodies (for example, police) as well as governmental and municipal institutions at their request. We may transfer your personal data also to the law enforcement bodies (for example, courts) and governmental and municipal institutions in order to protect our legitimate interests by composing, submitting and maintaining legal claims.

2. Transfer of personal data outside European Union and European Economic Area (EEA)

We always try to process your personal data in the territory of the European Union and the European Economic Area (EU/EEA). Your personal data are not processed in the country outside the EU/EEA to provide to you the selected service.

The transfer to and processing of personal data outside the EU/EEA may occur only on lawful basis, namely, in order to fulfil the duties stipulated by law, to conclude or execute an agreement, subject to your consent or in other narrowly defined specific cases.

For how long are your personal data stored?

All personal data obtained from you are stored as long as you use our services or until you retract your consent in case, your personal data are processed on basis of such consent. A longer period of storage of personal data is permissible in order to fulfil the requirements of laws regarding the minimum term for storage of documents or information or to protect our legitimate interests.

When this period expires, we will safely delete your personal data or make them inaccessible (by archiving) or unidentifiable so that they cannot be linked with you.

How do we protect your personal data?

We ensure, constantly review and improve our protection measures to protect your personal data from unauthorised access, accidental loss, disclosure or destruction. In order to implement this, we apply modern technologies, technical and organisational requirements, including firewalls and antivirus software.

Nonetheless, we recommend you to comply with the general safety rules of computer and internet usage, as well as requirements for protection and storage of your privatedata (in particular, personal identity documents), and we will assume no responsibility for unauthorised access to your personal data and/or loss of data if it has taken place due to your fault and negligence.

Your rights

The laws and regulations in the field of data protection grant you a number of rights to influence the processing of your personal data.

1. Access to personal data

You have the right to demand confirmations from us whether we process your personal data and in such case to request access to the personal data which we process, or deliver information regarding the personal data, if direct access is not foreseen.

2. Correction of personal data

If you think that the information about you is incorrect or incomplete, you have the right to request that we change it.

3. Revocation of the consent

Insofar we process your personal data based on your consent, you have the right at any time to revoke your consent to the processing of personal data.

4. Objection against the processing based on legitimate interests

You have the right to object to the processing of personal data which we perform based on our legitimate interests. Nonetheless, we will continue to process your data even when you have objected to it, if we have convincing motivated reasons to continue processing of the personal data. To exercise the above-said rights, please submit to us a written application.

5. Deletion

Under certain circumstances you have the right to demand that we delete your personal data, but it does not apply to the cases when law requires that we store them. To exercise the above right, please submit to us a written application.

6. Limitation of processing

Under certain circumstances you have the right to demand limitation of processing of your personal data. Please, take into account that in the event when you demand that the processing of your data is limited, it may affect your possibilities to receive our services. To exercise the above right, please submit to us a written application.

7. Data transference

Finally, you have the right to receive or transfer your personal data to another data controller. These rights include not only those data which you provided to us based on your consent or agreement, but also when the processing is made automatically. To exercise the above right, please submit to us a written application.

With whom can I get in contact if I have any questions?

If you have any questions about the processing of your personal data, please get in contact with us.

If you are not satisfied with the received answer, you have the right to submit a complaint to the Österreichische Datenschutzbehörde, E-Mail:

Contact information

Nora Kinna


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